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ARMA Carbon SupaFleece Tendon Boots

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ARMA Carbon open fronted tendon boots offer shock absorbing protection in the most vulnerable areas whilst still allowing the horse to feel their way. TRIPLE IMPACT SUPPORT SYSTEM: Strong TPU outer, resistant to abrasion and dirt. Honeycomb foam centre absorbs impacts. Luxurious ProComfort SupaFleece lining combines all the benefits of sheepskin in an easy-care fabric. By increasing airflow, wicking away moisture and offering superior cushioning, it all adds up to ultimate comfort for the horse. MAX VENTILATION: Strategically placed mesh vents increase airflow around the tendons reducing heat build up and maximising ventilation. FLEX FIT: The ergonomically shaped TPU shell defends against impact yet t he flexible structure moves with the horse to facilitate peak athleticism. Elasticated straps with pin fastening for a secure quick fit.