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Tribute - Kalm 'N EZ® Textured

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A lower NSC pellet with a small inclusion of whole oats. Formulated for all classes of mature horses.

Size: 50 lb
Product Form: Textured

Product Details

  • Highly digestible fiber supports calmer performances without loss of energy or condition.
  • Inclusion of whole oats for horses requiring a highly digestible source of energy to support performance, while keeping NSC intake low.
  • Optimal balance of essential amino acids for muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • Organic minerals replenish body tissue stores depleted during daily activities and exercise.
  • Essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, for a healthy skin and hair coat and support of normal tissue function.
  • Optimum levels of antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium may help in reducing damage from aging and exercise. Also supports immune health.
  • With Equi-Ferm XL®, a pre-and probiotic that increases total diet digestibility and improves overall gut health.
  • Contains natural Vitamin E.
  • No added iron.

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