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Diatomaceous Earth

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For horses:

Diatomaceous Earth is also known to reduce internal and external worms and parasites in horses as well as providing them a boost of minerals such as calcium and magnesium to support a healthier digestion. Diatomaceous Earth is a great absorbent and will act to reduce odours in manures too.


For chickens:

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Powder is a dessicating powder for use in poultry housing with the purpose of drying litter to reduce ammonia, moulds and fungi and to deter the colonisation of mites and other crawling insects. Safe to use directly onto your hens. Apply the powder under the wings and around the vent area.

Feeding Instructions:

The standard ratio for feeding animals DE is roughly 2% of the feed's weight, which is roughly 3 oz. of DE for every 10 lbs. of feed, or 2 lbs. of DE for every 100 lbs. of feed.

After taking note of the amount of feed you are going to give your horse, use the 2% rule to work out the weight of DE and measure it out on the scale.

An easier way is to add DE to the bag or bushel of feed right after buying it. Simply add the DE to the container of horse feed at a rate of 2%.


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