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Immediate Response 80ml Paste

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Rapidly restores digestive balance in episodes of colic or gastric distress
A must for every horse owner for use prior to the arrival of professional help
Provides instant relief of stressors such as hauling, confinement or trauma
Use for the relief of dehydration, heat exhaustion and exposure to moldy hay
Highly recommended to keep on hand in the event of an emergency
80cc syringe=4 doses (for colic use the entire tube)
Under persistent colic situations Veterinary assistance is still recommended.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Vitamin B12 42mg/lb
Pantothenic Acid 400mg/lb
Vitamin B6 100mg/lb
Asperergillus Oryzae 1.3x10^5 CFU
Bacillus Subtilus 3.8x10^5 CFU
Saccharomces Cervisiae 3.4x10^6 CFU