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Training Package

We are pleased to announce a different approach on dog training classes!

We want to do our best to ensure the most successful outcome for new puppy owners or current dog owners and we believe this structure will best help with that!

  • Includes an in-home 'starter' session* to help you get started on training
  • Includes 6 week course of classes
  • In training sessions you and your
    • Dog will learn:
      • Socialization (Positive Experiences)
      • Potty Training
      • Understanding Markers
      • Name / How to get their attention
      • Sit cue
      • Down cue
      • Release cue
      • Recall cue
      • Stay cue
      • Confidence Building
      • Tackling any behavioural issues
      • If you have a scheduling conflict that will cause you to miss one or more classes, don’t worry! We have a multiple options that can help you make up the missed time.

Rate: $300 per handler/dog combination